Hot Lunch
Welcome to St. John's Lutheran's Hot Lunch!

Hot Lunch is available on Tuesdays and Fridays (with some exceptions) and parent volunteers prepare and serve the food.

Cost is normally $2.00 and families can prepay for the year at registration.The proceeds from theis program go to the school. The menu is also published in the News for You.

Pizza is delivered on various Tuesdays of the month with some exceptions.The cost for pizza is $1.30 per slice. The proceeds from this program support our PIE (Partners in Education) projects that are determined in the beginning of the school year.

Volunteering to serve a hot lunch can be done by sign up online. Click here to Sign Up. These programs are coordinated by T. Duveneck and we sincerely appreciate all the work she puts into making the Hot Lunch a great success.

Click here for a printable copy
Hot Lunch Menu 2017-2018
9/8 - Friday Hot Dogs  
9/12 - Tuesday Pizza  
9/15 - Friday Ham & Cheese Sandwiches  
9/19 - Tuesday Breaded Chicken Sandwiches  
9/26 - Tuesday Pizza  
10/3-Tuesday Grandma's Casserole  
10/6-Friday Grilled Hamburgers  
10/10-Tuesday Pizza  
10/13-Friday Walking Tacos  
10/17-Tuesday Turkey/Ham Subs  
10/24 - Tuesday Pizza  
10/31-Tuesday Bats & Cobwebs (a.k.a pizza casserole)  
11/7-Tuesday Pizza  
11/14-Tuesday Sloppy Joes  
11/17-Friday Chicken Noodle Soup  
11/21-Tuesday Pizza  
11/28-Tuesday Grandma's Casserole  
12/5-Tuesday Ham & Cheese Sandwiches  
12/12-Tuesday Pizza  
12/15-Friday French Toast Sticks  
12/19-Tuesday Christmas Dinner  
1/9-Tuesday Pizza  
1/16-Tuesday Chili Dump  
1/19 - Friday Lindemann Lasagna  
1/23-Tuesday Pizza  
1/26-Friday Walking Tacos  
1/30-Tuesday Pizza  
2/6-Tuesday Turkey/Ham Subs  
2/13-Tuesday Sloppy Joes  
2/20-Tuesday Pizza  
2/23-Friday Scrambled Eggs & Ham  
2/27-Tuesday Tator-Tot Casserole  
3/6-Tuesday Pizza  
3/13-Tuesday Spaghetti Casserole  
3/20-Tuesday Pizza  
3/23-Friday Hot Dogs  
3/27-Tuesday Pizza  
4/10-Tuesday Pizza  
4/13-Friday Breaded Chicken Sandwiches  
4/17-Tuesday Leftovers (TBD)  
4/24-Tuesday Pizza  
4/27-Friday Pizza  
5/1-Tuesday Pizza  
5/22-Monday Grilled Hamburgers  

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