Christlight & Memory Treasures
Christ Light Family Planner – Grade 2

New Testament - Set 1 - 2018-2019
Date Studied Title of Lesson Memory Treasure
to recite the next day
Hymn to be recited
this Wednesday
Tuesday 8/28 Opening Service--No Christ Light Lesson    
Wednesday  8/29 1A Gabriel Visits Zechariah and Mary John 3:16 up to “… only Son.” We will not learn a hymn this week.
Thursday 8/30 1B John Is Born Galatians 4:4a
                                                     Labor Day Weekend
Tuesday 9/4 2A Jesus Is Born 2nd Article up to “Mary” We will not learn a hymn this week.
Thursday 9/6 2B Simeon and Anna See Jesus 1 John 4:10a
Monday 9/10 3A Wise Men Worship the Savior Psalm 103:1 We will not learn a hymn this week.
Thursday 9/13 3B Herod’s Wicked Plan Isaiah 43:11
Monday 9/17 4A The Boy Jesus in the Temple Ephesians 6:1 CW 183:1 “Holy Spirit, Light Divine”
Thursday 9/20 4B John the Baptist John 1:29b
Monday 9/24 5A The Baptism of Jesus Mark 10:45 CW 478:1 “With the Lord Begin Your Task”
Thursday 9/27 5B Jesus is Tempted Psalm 119:105
Monday 10/1 6A Jesus’ First Miracle 1 Peter 5:7 CW 573:1, “Hark the Voice of Jesus Crying,”
Thursday 10/4 6B Jesus Heals the Official’s Son 5th Comm.  (no explanation)
Monday 10/8 7A Jesus and Nicodemus all of John 3:16 CW 282:1 “Lord, Open Now My Heart to Hear
Thursday 10/11 7B Jesus and the Samaritan Woman 6th Comm. with explanation
Monday 10/15 8A Jesus Preaches in Nazareth Mark 16:16 CW 537:1, “Onward, Christian Soldiers
Thursday 10/18 8B Jesus in the Synagogue at Capernaum 3rd Comm. with explanation
Monday  10/22 9A The Huge Catch of Fish Mark 16:15 CW 446:1 “I Am Trusting You, Lord Jesus”
Tuesday 10/23 9B Jesus Calls Matthew Romans 10:17
                                            State Teachers’ Conference
Monday 10/29 10A The Parable of the Farmer and the Seed 3rd Article to “saints” CW 200:1, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,”
Thursday 11/1 10B The Parable of the Weeds and the Wheat 3rd Article - ALL
Monday 11/5 11A Jesus Calms the Storm   Genesis 1:1 CW 293, “God’s Word is Our Great Heritage”
Thursday 11/8 11B Jesus Heals a Man Who Couldn’t Walk Matthew 11:28
Monday 11/12 12A Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter John 14:19b CW 214:1, “Jerusalem the Golden”
Thursday 11/15 12B The Young Man from Nain Lord’s Prayer – ALL
Monday 11/19 13A Jesus Teaches about Love Ephesians 4:32a CW 593:1, “Now the Light Has Gone Away”
Tuesday 11/20 13B Jesus teaches about God’s Care Matthew 7:7
  Thanksgiving Break    

New Testament - Set 2 - 2018-2019
Date Studied Title of Lesson Memory Treasure to
Recite the Next Day  
Hymn to be recited
this Wednesday
Monday 11/26 1A The Faith of the Captain Proverbs 3:5 CW 363:1 “The King of Glory”
Thursday 11/29 1B The Gentile Woman’s Faith Christmas Recitation
Monday 12/3 2A The Death of John the Baptist John 8:47a CW 610:1, “Now Thank We All Our God”
Thursday 12/6 2B The Woman in Simon’s House Christmas Recitation
Monday 12/10 3A Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand Psalm 50:15a Christmas Service
Thursday 12/13 3B Jesus Walks on Water  1st Comm.  with explanation
Monday 12/17 4A Jesus Appears in Glory 1 John 1:7b Christmas Service
Thursday 12/20 4B Jesus Comforts His Disciples Mark 10:45
Christmas Break
Thursday 1/3 5A The Good Samaritan Matthew 22:39 No hymn to
Recite this week.
Friday 1/4 5B The Unforgiving Servant Ephesians 4:32
Monday  1/7 6A Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind Psalm 118:1 CW 79:1, “How Lovely Shines the Morning Star”
Thursday 1/10 6B The Ten Lepers Psalm 139:14a
Monday 1/14 7A Jesus Visits Mary and Martha Psalm 119:105 CWS 737:1, God’s Own Child, I Gladly Say It,”
Thursday 1/17 7B The Big Dinner Luke 11:28
Monday 1/21 8A The Pharisee and the Tax Collector Eph 2:8 to “yourselves” CW 432:1, “I am Jesus’ Little Lamb”
Thursday 1/24 8B The Lost Son Ephesians 2:8,9
Monday 1/28 9AThe Parable of the Rich Man and Poor Lazarus 7th Comm. with explanation CW 280:1, “Thy Strong Word
Thursday 1/31 9B The Rich Young Man Matthew 4:10
Monday 2/4 10A Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead John 11:25 CW 238:1, “Oh, Bless the Lord, My Soul
Thursday 2/7 10B Zacchaeus 8th Com. with exp. to “name”
Monday 2/11 11A Mary Shows Her Love for Jesus John 4:19 CW 122:1, “Sing, My Tongue, The Glorious Battle
Tuesday 2/12 11B Jesus Rides into Jerusalem Psalm 103:1
                                                        Teachers’ Conference
Monday 2/18 12A The Parable of the Bags of Money 1 Corinthians 10:31 CW 103:1-2,
“Glory Be to Jesus,”
Thursday 2/21 12B The Parable of the Vineyard Workers 1st Article
Because we do not have enough weeks to study all of the lessons during class, we will study 13A and 13B as devotions. Please take the time to read and review them with your child at home, also.

New Testament - Set 3 - 2018-2019
Date Studied Title of Lesson Memory Treasure to
Recite the Next Day  
Hymn to be recited
this Wednesday
Monday 2/25 1A The Parable of the Wicked Farmers Romans 6:23 CW 111:1, “Sweet the Moments Rich in Blessing”
Thursday 2/28 1B The Parable of the Wedding Feast 9th Comm. with explanation
Monday 3/4 2A The Lord’s Supper Matthew 26:41a CW 341:1, “Crown Him with Many Crowns,”
Thursday 3/7 2B Jesus in Gethsemane Galatians 4:4a,5b
Monday 3/11 3A Peter’s Sin 2nd Comm. with explanation CW 131:1 “All Glory Laud and Honor”
Thursday 3/14 3B Jesus’ Trial before Peter John 8:47
Monday  3/18 4A Jesus Is Crucified John 3:16 CW 152:1 “I Know that My Redeemer Lives”
Thursday 3/21 4B Our Savior Dies 2nd Art. to “from the dead”
Monday 3/25 5A  Jesus’ Burial and Resurrection The 2nd Article (all) CW 165:1, “O, Sons and Daughters of the King”
Thursday 3/28 5B Jesus’ Grave is Opened John 11:25
Monday 4/1 6A Jesus’ Friends Learn that He is Risen John 14:19b CW 315, “Here, O My Lord, I See You Face to Face”
Thursday 4/6 6B Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene The 3rd Article
Monday 4/8 7A Two Disciples See Jesus 3rd Comm. with explanation CW 375:1, “The King of Love My Shepherd Is”
Thursday 4/11 7B Jesus Appears to His Disciples John 5:39b
Monday 4/15 8A Thomas Believes 1 Timothy 2:3,4 CW 391:1, “God Loved the World So That He Gave
Thursday 4/18 8B Jesus Meets the Disciples in Galilee 2nd Comm. with explanation
Easter Break
Monday  4/29 9A Jesus Ascends into Heaven Matthew 28:20b CW 170:1,
“Draw Us to Thee”
Thursday  5/2 9B A Replacement for Judas is Chosen Matthew 28:19
Monday 5/6 10A The Coming of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:3b CW 382:1, “My Hope
is Built on Nothing Less”
Thursday  5/9 10B Peter’s Sermon Revelation 2:10b
Monday 5/13 11A The Man Who Could Not Walk Romans 1:16a CW 588:1,
“Abide with Me”
Thursday 5/16 11B Peter and John Are Arrested Acts 4:20
Tuesday 5/20 12A The Disciples Are Arrested Isaiah 41:10a We will be working on “The First Song of Isaiah” during these last weeks of the school year. There is nothing to recite.
Thursday 5/23 12B Stephen 1 Peter 5:8b
Tuesday 5/30 13A Philip and the Man from Ethiopia Matthew 28:19
Wednesday 5/31 13B Saul Becomes a Believer 1 Timothy 2:3,4
"For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding." Prov. 2:6