Our Mission

Jesus Little Lambs
Come and join us...
Jesus Little Lambs  - open play!  Come any time that school is in session to play in our special play room. Children need to be supervised at all times.  Please clean up after you are finished playing.
Otherwise come join us during one of our scheduled play times.
We help your child grow...
  • By helping them recognize their sin and God's forgiveness
  • By teaching your child God's Word through Bible stories
  • By helping your child know he/she is God's child and are able to share the good news of God's love


  • By developing their language, reasoning, and problem solving skills
  • By helping your child express choices, plans and decisions
  • By teaching that all our abilities are a gift from God
Socially & Emotionally
  • By teaching Christian love, respect and empathy
  • By helping your child learn independence and self control
  • By helping your child experience success in working and playing individually and cooperatively
  • By helping develop your child's small and large motor control and coordination
  • By helping your child appreciate likenesses and differences in God's children
  • By teaching your child simple health and safety procedures
To learn more about Jesus Little Lambs email David Backus the school principal: