What to Expect at School
St John’s School Activities Reference Guide
*indicates volunteer opportunities
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  • ROOM PARENTS* – We encourage 1-2 parents for each classroom to volunteer to be the designated ROOM PARENT. It’s a fun opportunity to help out for events in your child’s classroom. Talk with your child’s teacher to see what sort of things you can do to help out. Generally, Room Parents will work together to be sure there is a classroom gift for the teacher for their birthday, Christmas, and Teacher Appreciation Day. This is done by talking to the other parents of the classroom and see if they’d like to participate in a group gift. As a room parent, always encourage to parents/students different ways they can show their teacher appreciation continually throughout the school year not just at these three times each year.
  • BAND – Our 5th-8th graders have the opportunity to take part in band lessons through our MLHS high school. Renee Schmill is the middle school band director. She comes to our school once a week and does individual private lessons during the school day, then there are group lessons with all the children from area local WELS schools on certain weekend/weeknight dates. The groups will perform in a concern 2 times or more during the school year at MLHS. It’s a great opportunity to learn an instrument. Contact our secretary to get more information.
  • BIRTHDAYS for Students and/or Teachers – The room parents are expected to plan a group classroom gift for the teacher’s birthday. Talk with the teacher and ask if they’d like you to bring a treat for them to share with the class. Each classroom has a general policy that your child can bring a treat for their classmates on their birthday. Discuss with the teacher the date you want to bring a treat for your child.
  • Box Tops, Milk Tops, Aluminum Can Drive – Our school collects all box tops and milk tops to earn points to buy supplies for our school. There is a container in the school lobby to put your collected items. We also collect aluminum cans that helps collect funds for our PIE group. Cans can be collected in a plastic bag and tossed in the enclosure on the south side of school.
  • CHAPEL – Services are approximately 20 min and will be held every Wednesday at 8:30 AM. We alternate locations from Church and the Gymnasium. Parents, Grandparents, and/or Friends are invited to join the school assembly anytime to be a part of our chapel services.
  • CHAPEL/READING BUDDIES – Each middle school (5th-8th Grade) child will be assigned a 3K-2nd Grade buddy. Each chapel service that older child will walk their assigned younger child to chapel and sit with them for the service. On various dates throughout the school year, the older children will come to the younger child’s classroom and have a reading time with them as well.
  • CLASSROOM PARTIES – Sometimes teachers will plan a special celebration for various occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc). Room parents, please make yourself available to help for these events in any way the teacher could use. Parents, you may be asked to provide some food or party supplies for the party.
  • FIELD TRIPS* – Each classroom generally will take one or more field trips throughout the school year. There are a few trips that may have a small fee. Adult drivers will be needed to drive students and teachers to field trips.
  • GEAR SWAP – In Fall & Spring a table will be set out in our school lobby with used cleats, sporting wear, etc. This is set up by our PIE committee (Partners In Education). Feel free to browse and take anything that will work for your child to use. If you have cleats or spirit wear that no longer fits your child, feel free to add to our gear swap pile for others to take.
  • HOT LUNCH* – Our school provides a hot lunch program for all children in school grades 1st-8th grade. This is a program run strictly by volunteers and parents with children in these grades are expected to help out throughout the school year by baking and serving. An online sign up is available on our website. Hot lunch menu is also on our website.
  • JESUS LITTLE LAMBS* – This is a group created for our youngest children ages 5 and under. We have a special room in our school basement filled with toys, books, and small climber playground equipment. Families with young children are welcome to come play any time during the school day. There will be a yearly schedule of actual scheduled play dates and events. You can visit our website to see the updated schedule. Volunteers are needed for these play dates as well. See our online sign up for opportunities.
  • LIBRARY* - The school library is in the school basement and is open every Tuesday afternoon for grades 1-8. We have extended times for Kindergarten and 4K to encourage our early readers. Adult Volunteers are needed to help children check out books, re-shelve books, supervise, processing, etc. There is also a reading incentive program for top readers in the school & classes. Please let Tammy Gaedtke know if you or someone you know has interest in helping out.
  • NEWS 4 YOU – This is our school’s weekly newsletter that goes home each Friday with your oldest child in the family. If you chose to have it emailed to you, it will be emailed to you weekly. You will also be able to find the most current News 4 You on our school website
  • OPEN HOUSE - Family & Friends are invited to visit classrooms anytime, but especially during these three days. You may come into any classroom and have a seat in the back of the room and watch the children during their classes. On the Tuesday Open House, we will have Build Your Own Sub lunch that anyone can purchase for $2.00 a person. See our school calendar on our website to see the current year’s 3 open house dates.
  • Piano – We have a piano teacher that comes out to our school from Trinity and gives private piano lessons during the school day for children in grades 3rd-8th. They also have piano recitals about 2 times a year. Contact our secretary to get more info.
  • PIE* – This is a group with an acronym. It stands for Parents/Partners in Education. It is a committee that helps foster a closer relationship between faculty, parents, and friends of St John’s Lutheran School. The group helps plan fellowship events for the members of the school including things like roller skating parties, sledding party, dance parties, game nights, etc. They also find special speakers to present on special topics for educating. Elections for the new officers on the committee are done on Entertainment night. Each member serves a 2 year commitment on the committee. There is a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer. If you have interest in serving contact the current PIE President.
  • SINGING – Each classroom will have designated Sundays, and seasonal worship services, when they sing with their class in church. Please see the singing schedule for those times.
  • SNOW DAYS – School may be delayed or cancelled due to snow. Our school follows the Valder’s School bus plans. So if Valders has a change, we do as well. 3K, 4K, and K will be cancelled if there is a 2 hour delay. All cancellations can be found online.
  • WILDCAT SCHOOL TEAMS – Every year your child(ren) will be paired up with other children from other classrooms. These groups of children (intermixed ages) will have a teacher leader and throughout the school year, they will participate as a team in events and at the end of the year Wildcat Junior Olympics Day.
  • SCHOOL REGISTRATION – You should have received a letter or email to register your child for school in late July/early August. You will see a number of forms and articles to read. There will be a link for an online sign up for volunteer spots during the year. Some of these volunteer times will be listed below. Mid-August there will be a registration date. This is the date you come to school to meet the teachers, have a devotion, here anything new, and pay the fees for the school year. All fees should be paid at this time.
  • COTTAGE MEETINGS – Every odd year, all families meet in church for a general meeting and to distribute registration materials. Then everyone follow up in their child(s) individual classrooms as well as pay fees in the gym.
  • HOME VISITS – Every even year, teachers will visit students in their homes during the summer to talk to students and parents and to hand out registration materials.
  • FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – At 8:45 AM Parents & other family members are welcome to attend our opening day Chapel Service. Also, anyone interested is welcome to meet for breakfast at various restaurants after the service, for additional fellowship. Younger children are always welcome. Families can meet in the school lobby or parking lot right after service to see who is going out.
  • PICTURE DAY – Pictures will be taken of each student in school in early September. They will also take a group classroom photo. Order forms are sent home in advance. Parents do not need to be present; but can ask the teachers if they need any help.
  • SCHOOL/CHURCH PICNIC – All members of church & school are invited to a potluck and an afternoon of fun. We attempt to have an outdoor service if weather permits. Chairs are available, but lawn chairs are encouraged. The main dish is provided for the potluck, and we ask you bring a dish to pass. Games and entertainment will be done throughout afternoon.
  • VOLLEYBALL – Girls in grades 5-8 are welcome to participate on our Wildcat Volleyball Team. There is a B Team (5th & 6th Grade) and an A Team (7th & 8th Grade). Games are generally on Friday nights September into early October ending with a tournament on a Saturday in October. Practices are usually once or twice a week after school. Coaches are volunteers from our WELS congregations. There may be openings occasionally. If you have interest in serving our congregation as a coach for volleyball please contact our principal or athletic director.
  • MISSION FESTIVAL – K-8th grade sing in the special 9:00 AM service. This is usually in October. There is a special speaker and a pot luck luncheon & fellowship in the gymnasium after the presentation. If you have the opportunity to join us for the pot luck bring a dish to pass.
  • STATE TEACHER CONFERENCE – There will be two days off at the end of the month for teachers to have the opportunity to go to the State Conference.
  • PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES – In early November, information will be sent home about Parent Teacher conferences. This allows for you to meet with the teacher alone and discuss your child’s grades, accomplishments, behavior, attendance, and/or concerns & questions you may have.
  • BASKETBALL & POMS – All boys and girls 5th – 8th Grade are encouraged to join our Wildcat Basketball & Poms teams. 5th & 6th Graders will be on a B Team and 7th & 8th Graders will be on an A team. 5-8th grade girls combine to make a Poms/Dance team to perform during games. Practices generally are two nights a week beginning end of October/early November. Games are typically Friday nights and some Saturday afternoons. There are tournaments held at MLHS in February. Occasionally we ask lower grades to join the team if we are short players. For home games we will be asking parents of players to help with canteen work. Coaches are volunteers from our WELS congregations. There may be openings occasionally. If you have interest in serving our congregation as a coach for basketball or poms please contact our principal or athletic director.
  • THANKSGIVING RECESS – There will be no school Thursday & Friday of Thanksgiving week.
  • ADVENT SERVICES – There will be mid-week Advent services held in our church at 6:30 PM after the week of Thanksgiving leading up to Christmas Day.
  • LADIES AID CHRISTMAS PARTY – Students 1st-8th grade will perform as a class or individually for ALL are welcome to attend (men, women, small children). Ladies Aid provides a majority of the food, but if you are able you can bring a dish to pass and join in the fun of a potluck meal and then be entertained.
  • CLASSROOM CHRISTMAS PARTIES – Each classroom will decide what they want to do for the year. Majority of the younger classrooms will do a gift or name exchange. Gifts are to be about $5.00 or less. Teacher gifts are typically done individually (but may be a group gift if a room parent has chosen to do it that way). Contributions for food & party supplies may be requested by the teacher or room parents to help with the party.
  • CHRISTMAS PREVIEW SERVICE – 3k-8th Grade will participate in the Children’s Christmas Eve service. But on the last day of school before Christmas break, there will be a Preview Service at 9:00 AM. All are welcome to attend as this is a REAL service. After the preview services, children go back to their classrooms for their Christmas parties. And then school is dismissed (approx. 10:30/11:00 AM).
  • CHRISTMAS CAROLING – On the last day of school before Christmas break after the classroom parties, there will be many meeting in the school lobby to go Christmas Caroling to our shut-ins. We have members of our church in nursing homes that are not able to get out much, and we bring caroling to them. We are given 4 songs we sing and repeat them at the various nursing homes. It’s such a joy to see the smiles not only on the member of our church’s face but on all those others that crowd in around to watch too. What a wonderful way to witness the joys of Christmas, and the elderly LOVE the little children!
  • CHRISTMAS EVE CHILDREN’S SERVICE – All students will sing in the 5:00 PM service. Church doors open at 3:45 with seating starting at 4:00 PM. Children need to be cared for prior to the service as classrooms do not open until 4:30 PM. Children in 3K & 4K will sing a pre-service song and then sit back down with their families. All other children will remain in the front of the church.
  • CHRISTMAS BREAK – The school has approximately a one week break between Christmas & News Years Day.
  • HOT SHOTS – 5th-8th Graders are encouraged to “try out” for hot shots. Each player will be given 60 seconds to shoot a basketball in designated spots around the basketball key. The highest scores will be rewarded and moved on to perform at half time of a MLHS basketball game.
  • SPIRIT WEEK & PEP RALLY – This is the month of basketball tournaments and as a way to encourage TEAM SPIRIT, we have a week of fun planned. Each day will be assigned a special day for your child to dress up (crazy hair day, fake injury day, pajama day, etc).
  • SOCCER – Our school does not have a soccer team, but many of our children participate in soccer through the Lake to Lake League for grades K-8. Registration begins in February and the season begins early spring and goes to early June. Games are held on Saturday mornings. There is a fee for participation as this is not school sponsored.
  • CHRISTIAN EDUCATION SUNDAY – K-8 sing at 9:00 AM service. There will be a speaker presenting in church and then a pot luck fellowship in the gymnasium after. All are encouraged to join us.
  • LENTEN SERVICES & MEALS* - Lenten Services begin on Ash Wednesday (date varies each year). There are 3:30 PM & 6:30 PM services. Occasionally our children will sing in various services. See the singing schedule to find out which times your child sings. In between these two services our church provides a meal for all. We encourage you to join us in fellowship. There may be sign ups in the back of church for food items that are needed for each meal. The meals are held in the gymnasium.
  • SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES & ART FAIR* – Science (odd year)/Social studies (even  year) projects are required for 5th-8th grade and strongly encouraged for K-4th. Projects will be displayed in gym and select projects will be displayed at MLHS Academic Fair. Teachers will select art projects done throughout the year and students will provide one art project from home. Art projects will be displayed in the gym. Parents and Friends are invited to view the Fair in March/April (see calendar for specific date). Parents are asked to help teachers put art up on walls and take down when it’s done.
  • LAKESHORE MUSIC FESTIVALThis is an event held at MLHS for students from 4th-8th grade to showcase their musical talents by performing solos, duets, and more in front of a judge. The judge will critique their skills and give encouragement. Choirs from our local WELS school perform as well.
  • ACADEMIC FAIR – This MLHS event occurs after our Fair. One art project is brought over to MLHS for each 3K-8th Grade and select projects from 5-8th graders science/social studies’ projects are brought over too. The MLHS Academic Fair is a showcase of talents ranging from Art, to Science/Social Studies projects, Math Teams, Spelling Test, Forensics, and Academic Bowl (teams compete answering questions quickly). These teams and groups are for 5th-8th graders. Younger students are encouraged to come and do a scavenger hunt and have a chance to win a $100 MLHS Tuition voucher.
  • NEWTON BASEBALL – This is not a school sponsored sporting team, but it is a local youth league that many from our school participate in. We like to make it know to our school different community events/leagues that are available in case you have interest. Registration for Newton Youth Sports begins in March. The league is for almost any age and runs from May –August. Contact our school secretary for more info.
  • VISION SCREENING – at some point in the school year generally in spring, a Manitowoc Public Health Nurse will come to our school and evaluate each child for the possibility of glasses. Different classes will be screened each year. If you have a concern, contact your teacher to be sure your child is checked even if your child’s class is not doing it that particular year.
  • TEACHER APPRECIATION DAYYou are encouraged to appreciate your teacher in any way throughout the entire school year, but in May we have a specific day we try to spoil them. This event is sponsored by PIE. More information will come out regarding what to do.
  • ENTERTAINMENT NIGHT This night involves grades 3K-8th Grade. Children will perform various skits, plays, or musicals for all family & friends to view. It is followed by an ice cream social provided by PIE. If you are handy with set building, costume sewing/making, etc please contact your child’s teacher. PIE elections are done this evening too (as mentioned earlier under PIE info). A second performance will be done the next day for Grandparents.
  • GRANDPARENT’S DAY* – All the entertainment is repeated for the Grandparents. This is a big day and can only be accomplished with lots of parent volunteers. It’s a very exciting, fun day of spoiling the grandparents of our children. The day begins with a chapel service at 8:45 AM. Children go with their grandparents to the service. After they split up, and the grandparents are served a light breakfast in the gym. The entertainment begins around 9:45 AM. It is followed up with a big chicken dinner for the grandparents and their grandchildren. After the meal children are dismissed (approx. 12:30 PM). Volunteers are needed to assist with set up, serving, clean up, and donating various food items for lunch. This is not a part of the hot lunch program. There will be an online sign up for different ways you can volunteer for this day.
  • MLHS TRACK DAY This is an all-day event held for 5th-8th Graders. They will be transported by bus to Municipal Field and participate in various track and field events throughout the day. They will be bussed back by the end of the school day. Parents are welcome to come and watch their children.
  • WILDCAT JUNIOR OLYMPIC DAY* - All teams (teams made at the beginning of the year) will meet in the gymnasium. Parents are encouraged to come watch their children compete and also help with measuring, recording, tracking events, etc. A sign up will be created online for these opportunities. A devotion, explanation of the day’s events, and official announcing of the teams will be done in the gym. The morning will be filled with track events completed by the teams, then a hot lunch is served for ALL children, volunteers, and spectators. The afternoon will be filled with team building games. This hot lunch is included with the hot lunch program. Spectators and younger children are asked to give $2.00 per person towards the meal.
“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer” ~ Ps. 18:2