Ways to Participate
We are always looking for people to help.  If you can help in the following categories, please feel free to contact the the school / church office at 758-2633.

Health Care Committee:  Nathan Raddatz, Mark Rogne, Charles Stecker, and Dean Yagodinski.
    DESCRIPTION:  This committee works to assist the congregation in looking for cost savings in the area of health care and pension options.   


1. CARE COMMITTEE FOR CALLED WORKERS:  Richard & Cheryl Bonde, Kevin & Michelle Luebke and Mark & Sue Rogne,
    DESCRIPTION:  This committee was established to support called workers and their families by encouraging them in their ministry and by enhancing the quality of their lives.  If you have ideas of how to let our called workers know they are appreciated, and can think of ways to remind them of the spiritual blessings they give to all fo our school children...please contact one of the members.

2. NORTHERN DISTRICT DELEGATE:  Al Pleuss, Garry Sydow (18)
    DESCRIPTION:  Each of the 12 districts holds a convention each biennium, generally in the even-numbered years. Every pastor, professor, and male teacher of the district plus a lay delegate representing each congregation attends the convention as a voting delegate. Other members of the district are welcome to attend as guests.  District conventions are held for the following purposes: to meet as a group to carry out the legislative responsibilities of the district such as elections, accepting new members, formulating resolutions to send to synod convention, etc; to celebrate God’s blessings; and to nurture faith.  In the year 2012 the Synod has directed the delegates to vote on what Bible Translation the Synod will be using, since the current NIV (1984) has been revised, and will soon be out of print. When this happens we will no longer be allowed to use the NIV (1984) in any of our printed materials. If anyone has any strong thoughts or convictions, please let us know, so we know how to vote for our congregation at the convention.  

     DESCRIPTION:  This member stays in contact with the college and what is happening there—and communicating this information to our church and school. 


1. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION COMMITTEE: MEMBERS:  Principal David Backus, Denell Ciha, Jenny Franzen, Tamma Loritz, Clair Petersen (Trinity), Tanya Schuette, and Rebecca Yagodinski.
    DESCRIPTION:  The committee ensures that the Philosophy and Purpose (from the ECE Handbook is followed.  (Philosophy taken from the ECE Handbook) Our Lord, Jesus, has commanded His Church to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” (Matthew 28:19-20), and to “Feed my lambs,” (John 21:15).  Therefore, St. John’s Early Childhood Learning Center exists to nurture and train young children in His Word.  St. John’s assists parents in their God-given responsibility to train their children in the knowledge and instruction of the Lord.  Our Christ-centered curriculum provides learning experiences that nurture spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of young children.  The purpose:  To assist parents in bringing up their children “in the training and instruction of the Lord.”  (Ephesians 6: 4b); To assist our church’s evangelism efforts.

2. MANITOWOC LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL FEDERATION DELEGATES: Roger Busse, Dan Hillmer, Robert Krause), and Nathan Raddatz – Lead Delegate, Principal David Backus, and Pastor Victor Headrick.
    DESCRIPTION:  These individuals serve the MLHS Federation.  It requires usually one Saturday a month.  Lead Delegates have an additional time requirement.  These individuals help the MLHS Federation regarding all types of issues (ranging from physical plant, grounds, financial, establishing the budget, capital fund drives, etc) and communicating this information to their church / school.

3. PIE (Partners In Education):  
President:  Dale Mahloch                     
V.P.:  Pable Manzano                                           
Secretary:  Jenny Franzen
Treasurer:  Shannon Vetting               
    DESCRIPTION:  According to the PIE Constitution, the objectives are: To foster a closer relationship between the faculty, parents, and friends of St. John’s Lutheran School; To aid and promote the work of Christian education in our school; To extend the knowledge of our members in the area of Christian education; and To provide fellowship opportunities to enhance school family identity.
4. VBS (Vacation Bible School): MEMBERSHIP: Principal Dave Backus, Tamma Loritz, Tracy Maloch, Renee Menges, Naomi Raddatz, Sue Strieter, and Rebecca Yagodinski.
    DESCRIPTION:  This planning committee works on obtaining a program, and works closely with the Evangelism Committee, who advertizes for this event.


1. ALTAR GUILD  Bonnie Jost, Sherry Jost, Renee Menges, Sue Rogne, Gary and Denise Schrank, Cheryl Stecker, and Marilyn Weyer.
    DESCRIPTION:  The altar guild is a group of volunteers who make needed and valuable contributions to the worship services of our congregation.  They keep chancel furnishings clean, change the altar cloths according to the season, set up the altars for Holy Communion, manage the banners and other worship related activities and projects.  Anyone who would like to help with this activity is encouraged to talk to Pastor. 

2. BANNERS:   Paulette Vogt
    DESCRIPTION:  This volunteer places banners in our church for beautifying our worship.  Some are handmade and others bought.  If you enjoy the art of making/creating/repairing banners for our church, please contact Paulette.

3. FLOWER COMMITTEE: Sharon Leu (coordinator).
    DESCRIPTION:  To enhance the beauty of our church with God’s lovely creations through the care and placement of flowers and plants.  To organize the ordering of Easter Lilies and Christmas Poinsettia’s, as well as arranging / rearranging bouquets that are donated. Flowers are supplied by donations from members after funerals or weddings; in memory of loved ones, anniversaries, birthdays, or other special events; and some are occasionally supplied from members’ gardens.

4. HANDBELL CHOIR:  Tanya Schuette, Director
    DESCRIPTION:  The Handbell Choir is a great organization for those who want to participate in the worship service.  While “reading music” or music knowledge is an advantage, it is not necessary.  This group meets currently on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM.  If you are interested in knowing more about this group, please feel free to contact the director for more information.  We are always looking for people who are interested in substituting or becoming new members.
The Bell Choir established it’s own account, to help defray costs to the church.  All outside fund-raising (playing for an event) and bell choir member donations go here to defray the cost of incidentals—bell ringing gloves, meals at bell festivals, cost of members attending bell festivals, etc.  All major expenses, such as music and refurbishing the bells, are paid for by designated memorial funds or the general budget.

        5. SENIOR CHOIR: Ann Wilson, Director
            DESCRIPTION: The Senior Choir is a great organization for those who want to participate in beautifuly our worship service with your voices. While "reading music" or music knowledge is an advantag, it is NOT necessary. The group meets currently on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM. If you are interested in knowing more about this group, please feel free to contact the director for more information. We are always looking for more people interested in becoming new members.
May I never boast except in the CROSS OF our Lord Jesus CHRIST, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. ~ Gal 6:14